5 stylish things you can wear to instantly feel more confident

A minimalist style guide


Accessories are often forgotten when putting together an outfit. That is why we are here to remind you of the power rings can add to your outfit... particularly a ring that go on your index or pointer finger. Anyone who has experienced the sweet magic of this power can tell you that it will transform your mood and how you assert yourself.


"Perfume is a weapon and French women know this." -Justine Leconte, French Designer

It was recently brought to our attention how important fragrance is to the French culture. So much so, that the entire world has something to learn from them. Fragrance above all else can affect our mood, so we should absolutely be using this out our advantage. Remember you're doing this for yourself, your wellbeing and your happiness.


Wearing all one color is likely the most "chic" option when quickly putting together an outfit. Not only does it demonstrate your ability to make strong decisions, but it can also make you appear taller and slimmer. All bodies are beautiful no matter the shape or size... wearing monochrome is simple a tool that can make you feel more confident in your clothing.

Sleek Hairstyle

Hair and accessories are mort similar than you might think. The moment we can stop styling our hair the EXACT same way every day.. is the day we can start styling our hair like an accessory. The way we style our hair communicates something about us.. it can be natural, casual, girly, modist, sleek or edgy. We can use our hairstyle to balance an outfit, make us appear more mature and give us more confidence. Sleek hair is simple, easy to do and highly impactful.

Shoes with a heel

You might be thinking heels? What are we back in the 1960s where the impractical nature of women's footwear reigned supreme... absolutely not. However, wear shoes with a comfortable block heel can be a true game changer for your confidence. The mystery as to exactly why is hard to express in words. It could be the few inches added to your overall height, the beautiful sound they makes when walking on hard surfaces or simple the way it makes our legs look. Shoes with a heel (of any height) is a sure way to boost your confidence.

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